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Welcome to Blast Paddlers
You've reached the home of Blast Paddlers, a not-for-profit project with the aim of establishing a global network of safe fun community focused paddling groups & regular 10km time trials, open to paddlers of all levels of experience & skill.

  • Our goals include the desire to establish local paddling groups in as many regional areas as possible, with the simple desire to support and grow paddling sport in all forms, shapes and kinds through regular Time Trials and Races, and to be all inclusive - everyone is welcome to come share the Blast dream.
  • Our vision is that we have found what we believe is the most open and commnity focused way for every region in the world to offer paddlers of all ages, abilities and skills to participate in regular computer timed 1km Time Trial paddles as part of a community of like minded peers and friends.
  • The Blast project was created way back in 2008, and was the brainchild of an IT geek Dez Blanchfield, who after going through a personal journey to loose weight and get fit, found a simple repeatable formula which allowed groups, clubs and individuals to share his love of regular timed community races for Runnerss, Swimmers and Paddlers.

Building a global community you can be part of
The Blast project was originally started in 2008 in paddle sport, and has now expanded to incorporate Running & Swimming groups. Blast quickly grew from a dream to a reality through the support of a fast growing community sharing a common desire to give something back to the sports they love.

Why not play your part
How do you want to get involved? Simple. If you like paddling in any form, you can get involved, by either joining & participating a local Blast paddle group near you, or if there isn’t already a Blast group near you, then start one yourself & play your part in the Blast Paddlers project. Get out there, be part of it, join a local Blast near you, or start your own.

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